Venice and its islands

A magical city suspended between land and sea, where it is a pleasure to get lost and a delight to find yourself. A cohesion of culture and art to be explored, discovered and experienced.

The Magic of Venice

Double labyrinth of land and water, Venice will never cease to enchant the visitors with its melting pot of Renaissance, Byzantine and Baroque cultures, its alleys where time seems to have stopped, and its hidden treasures, which reveal themselves only when you decide to abandon yourself to their call. Wherever you want to visit, from the famous St. Mark’s Square to the majestic Ducal Palace or the romantic Bridge of Sighs, let yourself be carried away and you will notice that a thousands other details will emerge as a charm to your eyes.

The Gondola

This typical noble Venetian boat is considered the symbol of Venice. Thanks to its sinuous shape it can traverse all the waterways, allowing you to reach every place in the city easily. Travelling along the canals on board a gondola, passing under the historical bridges and admiring the wonderful palaces, gives you a unique and enchanting view of the city.

The Islands: Murano, Burano, and Torcello

These islands are reachable only by navigating along the canals. Murano, called “The Isle of Fires”, has long since been keeping the secrets of the ancient glass tradition. Burano, with its colourful houses, preserves the painstaking art of lace making. While medieval Torcello, with its stories and legends, envelops the visitors in a magical and out-of-time atmosphere.

The Rialto Market: among ‘bacari’ and ‘cicheti’

Located near the famous bridge with the same name, it represents the essence of the local food, where you can enjoy the true Venetian atmosphere, with its swarm of voices, scents and flavours. The proximity of numerous “bacari”, the typical Venetian bars, makes it even more an essential destination for anyone wishing to revel with one or more stops based on “cicheti” (small snacks) and “ombre”(glasses of wine).

Calle Larga XXII Marzo and Fontego dei Todeschi

The most famous shopping street in Venice is “Calle Larga XXII Marzo”, where many craft shops alternate with inviting proposals of local specialities and luxury boutiques. But if you wish to combine the pleasure of shopping with a breath-taking experience, it is worth a stop at the Fontego dei Todeschi, where, from its panoramic terrace, you may enjoy a spectacular view of Venice from above.

The Venice Casanova B&B is only a few minutes far away from Venice and if you wish to discover the city through less known places and unusual itineraries, do not hesitate to ask Eleonora for information, she will be happy to give you valuable advice.

How to get to Venice from Venice Casanova

By car: if you decide to go by car, just 8 minutes from the B&B Venice Casanova there is a car park where you can leave your car at the modest price of 5 € per day and take one of the buses that leave every 5 minutes that cross the Ponte della Libertà (the bridge connecting Venice to the mainland) and takes you to Venice – PIAZZALE ROMA. The bus journey takes about 5 minutes.

By bus: After a 20 minute walk you arrive at the number 6 bus stop at Catene Marghera and in 17 minutes you will arrive to Piazzale Roma. If you do not want to walk to the bus stop, we provide free bicycles on booking.