Treviso and Valdobbiadene

A little gem to discover and enjoy at your leisure, giving the pleasure of ambling in the contemplation of typical views that seem to jump out of wonderful postcards.

Treviso: a gift for your soul and your senses

Treviso, city of water and art, charming you like the lure of the mermaids, invites you to take a break and enjoy the pleasure of ambling along the rivers lapping its historic centre. The ancient “Joyful and loving march” offers its visitor a game of fluid mirrors that, with the complicity of the porticoed houses reflected on their waters, form such typical views which seem to have jumped out of postcards.

The Buranelli Canal

A favourite place for those who wish to take a break and enjoy the scenery, the Buranelli Canal offers a suggestive and picturesque view. It is so called because at the time of the ties with the Serenissima it was frequented by the Venetian merchants of the isle of Burano. But it was also the place where the laundresses gathered, in fact on the buildings overlooking the canal you can still see the old wooden hangers suspended by chains on which the clothes were washed.

Loggia dei Cavalieri

The Knights’ Loggia is located in the heart of the city and is considered unique. It is a sort of covered square from the XIII century, where the nobles of Treviso and the knights used to meet for their conventions, to converse or play. From the outside it looks small and silent, but once inside the remains of its frescoes catapult you into the past so vividly that you seem to hear the noise of the hooves of the passing horses and the voices of the people who gathered inside.

The Fountain of Tits

In the Middle Ages Treviso was so associated with chivalrous courtesy and hedonist living that it earned the title of “Joyful and Loving March”. The symbol of this notoriety is undoubtedly the peculiar “Fontana delle Tette” (literally, The Fountain of Tits), which once sprinkled white and red wine from its breasts when the Venetian podestà visited the city. Also its position seems to recall the amorous game of courteous love because, even if it is in the heart of the city, it lies demurely in a place not so easy to find.

Valdobbiadene and the Prosecco Way

The Prosecco Way is an itinerary that winds for about 22 miles from Conegliano to Valdobbiadene in a beautiful natural theatre between vineyards, abbeys and castles. It represents a pastoral and pleasant trip for those wishing to spend a day outdoors immersed in nature and at the same time enjoy the pleasures of good food and drink. In fact the itinerary is dotted with wine cellars and farmhouses where you can taste the famous wine combined with local gastronomical products.

Venice Casanova B&B is about 22 miles from Treviso and 30 miles from Conegliano, from where the Prosecco Way starts and leads to Valdobbiadene.

How to get to Treviso from Venice Casanova

The fastest route (about 40 minutes depending on traffic) is using the A27.

How to get to Conegliano from Venice Casanova

The fastest route (about 48 minutes depending on traffic) is using the A27.